Meet our Happily Ever Afters...

Sweet little Belle spent a year with us. Right after we found a prospective family to adopt her, she crossed the rainbow bridge (at age 20). She'll always have a special place in our hearts.
Berlin moved to her new home in Cambria and enjoys cuddles and love from her new owners, a single mom with her young daughter. She get to take walks on the beach and go on road trips now
Bogart is enjoying the California surf in Grover Beach, with his new best buddy, Remy, a cat. His shuffle from shelter to foster home to shelter finally has come to an end and he is enjoying his first real forever home. Like a dry sponge, he is soaking up all the love and affection that his new owner is giving him.
Our Charlie-Bear lost his battle with prostate cancer while in our care despite all the effort put out at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group with radiation and chemotherapy treatments. We miss him greatly.
The Curse found his blessings with a young couple in Oxnard. He gets to go to work with his new dad every day and will never be alone again.
Daisy Mae is now living with an active young lady in the Los Padres National forest. She gets to go hiking every day on some beautiful trails right outside her front door.
Dixie Rose is now living in Ventura with a loving mom who appreciates her protective nature and silliness. Her mom's roommates pitch in on spoiling her rotten. Everyone in the household takes her on jogging trips, long hikes and playtime on the beach.
Donja Helena is patrolling the fence at her new home, together with Falco, a Central Asian Ovtcharka. She now gets to protect (in addition to her young owner) goldfish, a tortoise, poultry, a cockatiel - - and whatever other animal happens to live there temporarily. She is in Seventh Heaven!
Surrounded by 3 little girls that adore him, Draco has finally found his safe haven after overcoming serious health issues. He now can show off what a wonderful dog he is. His new Dad is determined to keep him happy by taking him jogging and continuing his obedience training. Mom enjoys taking him for walks as well, while his girls are constantly throwing balls for him - - even the 2 year old. Life canít get better than that!
Due to his great talent for protection work, Drake went into intensive training with a professional.
Eddie is now living with a 12 year old boy and his parents in the Santa Barbara area. His new name is Sparky. He's excited about getting to go to puppy school. He enjoys being the center of attention in his new family.
Flash found his dream with a young family in Santa Barbara. He has a great time pretending to be a full size doberman and spending time with the family's pre-schooler.
Gandhi enjoys the attention of a family of four in Goleta. They are committed to keeping her healthy by maintaining her special diet. The kids are tickled pink about having this wonderful dog and Mom and Dad are thrilled to have Gandhi with them while talking and jogging. (Dad's losing weight!).
Ghitano went to Nirvana when he was adopted by an active couple in Santa Barbara along with his best friend from the "Rescue" pack, Missy. They both share their yard and house with their new roommate, a pot-bellied pig. He now responds to his new name, Jack.
It took Hobo a year to overcome his mega-colon condition, during which time he really wormed his way into our hearts. He found his forever home with our trainer and is now part of our stable pack.
Kwai Chang is now living with a couple in the Santa Barbara area. He lives in a peaceful zen home that is close to the beach and some hiking trails. He gets 3 walks a day and his owners think he is the most perfect dog. His new name is Kai Kai.
Lucius is a Daschshund whose character is rather special and needed some understanding. He is now living with a patient couple in Montecito who understands a Dachshund's true nature. Life is finally good for him with daily walks on the beach.
Missy could not believe her luck as she was adopted with Ghitano (now Jack) since he was her security at the "Rescue" pack. She has finally come out of her shell in her new home and has learned how to trust again.
Noah is strolling the parks in Oxnard with his new owner and another Sheltie that is in the household. His new name is Rocky and he is working on growing back a beautiful coat - his old coat had to be shaved off because it was so matted. He is really enjoying his new life with a large backyard and a like-minded buddy.
Rascal Sheds stayed in the Goleta area with an owner who takes her on hikes and to dog parks. She has been kept on a raw diet and is growing up to be a strong and beautiful dog.
Rocky Rocky found a home with a single man in Santa Barbara with 2 boys ages 7 and 10. Rocky is a welcome addition to the household and everything is going fine.
Sparky came to us when his owner died and the rescue group who originally placed him did not take him back. He immediately crawled into our president's lap and ended up moving in with her.
Stud's new name is Peanut. He now has two children who share cuddling and loving him. He has settled well into his new home in Santa Barbara, thrilled that he does not have to struggle for survival anymore.
Sunny is living on a beautiful ranch in Los Olivos with three other dogs. He now answers to Teddy. His very committed new owners are continuing the training that was started with K-9 Heroes Rescue.
Sweetie won the lottery when she was adopted by a family on a beautiful estate in Santa Ynez. She is surrounded by farm animals and now shares the sofa with a Scottish terrier, Winston, her new best friend. She likes to be called Bailey now.
Yoda has wormed his way into the hearts of his new owners in the Los Angeles area. His new handle is Tuco. Nothing is too good for him, per his new Dad, who requires Tuco to sleep beside him in bed. He enjoys a lot of special treats and treatments.

Zoe found her forever home in the Los Angeles area with a family where the Mom works at home. Zoe is stuck like glue to her new mom. She is relieved that she is with someone all the time instead of being locked in a crate all day, like in her first home.