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And see below for an update...

This is the story of "Draco," a four year old German Shepherd rescued by K-9 Heroes on Thursday, February 26th, 2009. What we had been told about Draco was that he had been used as a stud, but had been recently neutered and adopted out. The adoptive family told us that he was aggressive and that if we did not accept him, he would be going straight to the shelter.

One look at Draco and we absolutely melted. Not only was he sweet and gentle, he was dirty and emaciated. We took him to get groomed, made an appointment for the vet and brought him home. Although he appeared to be in pain, he was so happy to get any attention and all he wanted to do was play.
When we took him to the vet, we discovered that Draco was not only about 40 pounds underweight but that he also had a lung infection that had been left untreated, for maybe 6 months or more. His right medial lung lobe was collapsed and he had pleurisy (an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lung). The veterinarian drained 2 liters of fluid from his lung cavity. He had become emaciated, partly because it is so hard for him to breathe. It seems he tended to chose to breathe instead of eat, since he cannot do both at the same time. The veterinarian said that if K-9 Heroes Rescue had not taken him, his condition was so severe, he would have died!

So far, his medical care has cost almost $2,000 - - in 2 days! His treatment costs will continue to accumulate because he needs to go back to the veterinarian several more times. If his condition worsens, he may have to be hospitalized and stay on oxygen. Also, there is a chance, if his collapsed lung does not re-inflate, that he will have to have surgery to remove the dead tissue. In addition, if the infection was caused by a migrating foxtail or some other foreign object lodged in his chest cavity, he will need surgery to remove that as well.

Although he is on a very long and very expensive road to recovery, this dog is worth all the time, effort and expense, because he has a very sweet temperament and will make someone a really good companion. Even with all the poking and prodding that he has gone through at the veterinarian's, he has not complained. He has been sweet and affectionate with everyone who has handled him. He even let the veterinarian take a foxtail out of his ear without sedation or being muzzled.

Update: Draco would like everyone to know...

That he's doing better!!! The veterinarian has told him that his lung has re-inflated and there is no more fluid in his chest cavity. However, he still has further to go before he is out of the woods. The vet has warned him that if the infection recurs now that he is off antibiotics, maybe he will need surgery to remove a foreign object (a foxtail??) in his chest cavity.

That he is very grateful to everyone who has helped him and he sends slobbery kisses to all!

That he has found his inner puppy again and gets really silly when he plays with the other dogs at K-9 Heroes Rescue, as well as getting to play with those people who keep feeding him.

That he has gained 11 pounds, and is tickled pink that he gets to eat 3 meals a day.

Here he is enjoying his new foster home.